Our Search Process

Each search begins with an extensive interview with our client. The more we know about what you want and need, the better we can do our job. So we will certainly ask a lot of questions.  We will assist in developing a strong, informative job description that accurately reflects the position needing to be filled.

Using our expansive network and set of resources, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work. The MSG team works together to search for and identify candidates who will best fill the open position. We will contact and conduct a very thorough screening process with multiple candidates before sending you the best 2-3 candidates to you for review. Our rigorous review process ensures that you are able to interview the most qualified candidates.

If you are interested in interviewing the candidates, MSG will assist in scheduling all phone screens and face-to-face interviews. Should you not feel that the recommended candidates are the best fit, we will seek your feedback on what needs to be different and adjust our search accordingly, continuing to submit candidates until we find the right person.

Upon selecting a candidate for hire, MSG can handle reference and background checks, presentation of the offer letter, and negotiate salary and benefits on the client’s behalf.

You will find our process smooth and very efficient.  We are extremely thorough in our search process, but don’t waste your time with unnecessary steps.  We communicate with you regularly, and on your schedule.  We never forget that we work for YOU!



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