Fee Options

Milman Search Group works with our clients to develop the most appropriate fee structure. We are always open to discussing options with our clients that make sense.  We can also customize a fee arrangement to meet specific needs.  Please contact us for further information.  Our standard fee options are as follows:


Retained Search

Milman Search Group is paid one third of the fee up front. The second third is due 30 days after the search commences. The balance is due upon completion of the search.  This agreement ensures that your search receives top priority from our recruiters.

Contingency Search

Fee is due and payable upon placement of a suitable candidate.

Hybrid Search

With this option, the client pays a percentage of the fee up front, which is then credited towards the final fee after the candidate is placed.
Volume Search

This is a partnership we enter into when there is an aggressive growth or restructuring strategy for the company and the client knows there will be a need for our extended services. The partnership and the agreement will dictate the fees associated with this relationship, which are negotiated in advance.


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