About Milman Search Group

There is a big difference between a good recruiting firm and a great one.  In our opinion, the one thing that sets a good company apart from a great one is its people.

Here at MSG, our people are our biggest asset.  We are not only highly skilled and experienced in recruiting top talent for great companies, but we are truly experts in what we do.  We are easy to reach, easy to talk to, and yes, even fun to work with.  And we absolutely LOVE what we do!

Ron has assembled a team of recruiters with a passion for what they do, experience in the industries they work in, and with an expert ability to communicate effectively.  MSG just plain gets it.

As a smaller firm, we take on only a small number of searches at a time.  This allows us to give your search the attention and priority it deserves.  We work efficiently, and we work smart.  After all, we are here to save our clients’ time.  Our job is to find the right candidate for you, so you can focus on doing your job without spending the excessive time needed to find great talent.

When you contact us about a search opportunity, be prepared to answer a whole bunch of questions.  We believe that the more we know about your company and the opportunity that we will be filling, the better a job we can do for you.  Once we are fully briefed on the job description, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.  We build a list of potential candidates by doing extensive screenings of people from both in and out of our network.  The right candidate is out there, and we will find them!  We will screen as many candidates as needed to find those with all of the required qualifications, ending with the one you hire.

Once we have identified the top candidates, we will begin formally submitting them to you for your review. We handle scheduling for all phone and in-person interviews, feedback and follow-up, presentation of offer and benefits, reference checking, salary and total compensation negotiation and start date.

Contact us today and let’s see if we can “build a bridge” for you.


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